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Live. Love. Lux

Put Together the Perfect Cheese Plate | Electrolux | Live. Love. Lux.

A well-designed cheese course serves as an elegant way to start or end a dinner party. Its success hinges on harmony among the cheeses as well as with the wine with which they’re served.

Champagne 1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Turn Champagne Into a 3-Course Meal

Champagne and other sparkling wines are too-often reserved for wedding toasts or New Year’s Eve parties. For some reason, everyone tends to forget that they also make luxe, luscious libations for any time of the year, either solo or paired with food. Bubbly can even be used as an ingredient in your meal, making the traditional wine pairing a bit more interesting.

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Live. Love. Lux

Trick Out Your Home Office

No more cubicles and no more overhead fluorescent lighting. Design your home office right!

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Live. Love. Lux

White Kitchens: Love It or Leave It?

Are all-white kitchens timeless and elegant, or have designers and homeowners had enough?

Lobsterrolls original197 2 article
Live. Love. Lux

Exploring the Regional Styles of Lobster Rolls

If you’ve ever resided or vacationed in a New England coastal town, chances are good you’ve eaten your fair share of lobster rolls. The summertime classic is a perfect way to bring the ocean’s bounty to you, wherever you happen to live.

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Live. Love. Lux

Simple, Satisfying Polenta Recipes | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Very few dishes are as humble yet stick-to-your-ribs comforting as polenta. Northern Italian in origin and made from cornmeal, it’s sometimes referred to as “Italian grits.” Polenta is creamy and delicately flavored but hearty, making it a perfect accompaniment to bold, savory main dishes. Exceedingly versatile, it makes a great entrée, breakfast and even dessert.

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Live. Love. Lux

Cooking with Vegetable Stems & Roots | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Even when we do a good job of eating our veggies, we usually leave parts of the plant behind—some peels here, a top or two there. Taking cues from the nose-to-tail meat movement and the “waste not, want not” credo, eating all parts of the vegetable expands both our palates and our wallets. Here are some ideas on how you can use the stems and roots of your vegetables when cooking.

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Live. Love. Lux

The Best Cold-Weather Cocktails | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Cold-weather cocktails don’t get nearly the attention that summertime libations do — but they should; they’re like a big, toasty blanket in a glass. Sometimes referred to as “mugtails” because of the glassware in which they’re served, hot cocktails are often made with warming spirits such as brandy, spiced rum, whiskey and red wine. (And many of them sport fun names like “wassail,” “toddy” and “glogg,” as an added bonus.)

Homemademarshmallows1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Make Homemade Marshmallows | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

’Tis the season for hot chocolate — and lots of it. Nothing makes a cup of cocoa even better than marshmallows, and if you’ve never tasted real, honest-to-goodness homemade marshmallows, you’re seriously missing out. But be prepared: once you try them, you’re never going to want to go back to the store-bought bagged version again.

Eggnogrecipe1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Eggnog Done Right | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Here's how to enjoy this holiday tipple all winter long.

Ricerecipes1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Rice Recipes and More | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

No disrespect intended to Uncle Ben, but there are a lot more types of rice than just your basic white and brown. Here’s a basic primer of just a few of the literally hundreds of varieties, plus some rice recipes to help you elevate rice from sidekick to superstar on the plate.

Newyearsresolutionhomemarquee article
Live. Love. Lux

New Year's Resolutions for Your Home | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

This year, show your home some TLC by making simple New Year’s resolutions to whip it into tip-top shape. Here are some ideas for refreshing and rejuvenating your home — and yourself — in the new year.

Cilantro1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Cooking With Cilantro | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Learn how to cook with cilantro without offending the cilantro haters.

Makeperfectchickenstock1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Stock | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

Chicken stock adds a burst of flavor to any recipe, from soups to risotto. Instead of buying premade (and often subpar) stock at the supermarket, try making the perfect chicken stock yourself.

Newyearstheme1x1 article
Live. Love. Lux

Theme Party Ideas for New Year's | Electrolux | Live.Love.Lux.

If there’s one holiday that’s synonymous with celebration, it’s New Year’s Eve. This year, ring in 2014 by throwing your own soiree. Try one of these five theme party ideas, and bid farewell to 2013 with flair.