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Artisanaldecor article
Bed, Bath & Beyond

Look What We Found: Functional Décor That Looks Like Art - Above ...

When you think about art for your home, you probably imagine paintings on the walls and sculptures on console tables. But the definition of art is expanding. “More people are investing in artisanal furniture, serving pieces, and textiles, instead of just paintings,” says interior designer Stephen Czeck, partner at Jen Going Interiors and co-founder of Going Home. That means the chair you sit on and the plates you eat from can be art, too.

Farmhousedecor article
Bed, Bath & Beyond

3 Ways to Make Farmhouse Décor Even Cooler | Bed Bath & Beyond

You may not buy the farm, but you’re probably sold on farmhouse décor. That fusion of vintage warmth (did someone say, shiplap?) and modern, industrial elements makes it a trendy, sought-after look. Part of its popularity is because it’s so versatile. “It can bend toward more farm-y, more modern, or more industrial, and it blends well with other styles, such as coastal, bohemian, or glam,” says Max Humphrey, an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon. Use his design tricks to hook up farm charm three ways in your home.

Home Decor Pieces That Totally Reinvent Your Living Room

If your living room is eliciting more jeers than cheers, it may be time for an update. It’s important to remember that redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Sometimes a simple swap here and a small tweak there makes an impressive difference.

Darby with helix livingroom article

From Wall Decor to Furniture: Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Space on a Budget

Adding designer-inspired touches doesn’t have to break the bank or take a lot of time. Some of the best decorating ideas involve making small, simple changes. Consider these options to amp up your home’s fab factor at a price you can afford.

Valentines day flowers lips article

6 Tips to Get Through Valentine's Day Disaster-Free

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but with all that pressure for things to be just right, sometimes things can go a little, well, wrong.

It doesn’t matter if it’s due to a lack of planning or just an unfortunate V-Day surprise: When disaster strikes, you have a very limited amount of time to fix it before Cupid labels your evening a failure. Here’s how you can overcome six of the most common Valentine’s Day disasters and get the biggest date night of the year back on track.

Lll brunch article

Throw the Perfect Brunch | Electrolux | Live. Love. Lux.

Brunch is all about perfect combinations — breakfast and lunch, sweet and savory, a little relaxed and a little fancy. The leisurely, late-morning affairs are best when they’re laidback and loungy, with tasty food and a comfortable vibe that encourages guests to kick off their shoes and hang out.

Theme Party Ideas For New Year's | Electrolux | Live. Love. Lux.

If there’s one holiday that’s synonymous with celebration, it’s New Year’s Eve. This year, ring in 2014 by throwing your own soiree. Try one of these five theme party ideas, and bid farewell to 2013 with flair.

Stress-Free Prep for Last-Minute Get-Togethers | Electrolux | Live. Love. Lux.

Stay calm and party on. Great gatherings don’t need weeks of preparation to pull off. In fact small, unfussy soirees are often a lot more fun — and you only need a few hours to put one together. Sound impossible? It’s not. A little bit of preparation goes a long way. But be warned: your home just might become the new Party Central headquarters.

3 Ways to Cook With Champagne | Electrolux | LiveLoveLux

Champagne and other sparkling wines are too-often reserved for wedding toasts or New Year’s Eve parties. For some reason, everyone tends to forget that they also make luxe, luscious libations for any time of the year, either solo or paired with food. Bubbly can even be used as an ingredient in your meal, making the traditional wine pairing a bit more interesting.

636053845206154808 mag bts ag 3 article

Schools nurture students' agriculture interests

Many elementary, middle and secondary schools are integrating some form of farming or gardening into their classrooms and cafeterias. The chance to connect kids more closely with science, technology, engineering and mathematics — disciplines known as STEM — and other educational concepts as well as to the food they eat is among the reasons why.

Gallery 1457035016 redbook doctors allergy advice tips article

What Doctors Tell Their Friends About Allergies

It's not just you: More people are suffering from allergies than ever before. The advise these doctors give their closest pals can help you get relief and enjoy spring again.


Perfect Fit | USA Today Special Edition: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2016

These four people have found a place for their passion through their work with the USACE


Natural Selection | USA Today Special Edition: USDA 2016

Increasing consumer demand for organic meat and dairy means a growing need for organic grain from American farmers

Image article

Meet 5 canines with a career of caring for humans

A web excerpt of the full article, found in USA Today's Pet Guide 2016 magazine: