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Pennsylvania-based freelancer writing about food, agriculture, parenting, health/wellness, and home for Redbook, Women's Health, USA Today, Civil Eats, Electrolux, Bed Bath & Beyond & more.

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Women's Health Magazine

It's a Dirty Job ... | Women's Health

... but you've gotta do it if you want to get ahead. Yes, we're talking networking. Everything you need to know to work a room (and your contacts) like a boss---and still be able to live with yourself in the morning.

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Women's Health Magazine

Is Aspirin the New Wonder Drug?

Mounting evidence suggests this OTC staple could also have payoffs for younger women: preventing multiple types of cancer, protecting your brain, and, in low doses, even encouraging a healthy pregnancy.

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Women's Health Magazine

Three Surprising Side Effects of OTC Pain Pills

Before you ease the ouch, beware of these side effects...

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Women's Health Magazine

The Right Way to Humblebrag

Talk yourself up like a boss....